5 must do sessions within your week's training

Many athletes are in the same boat. They have limited time to train within the week but still want to maximise their performance. That means smart training in order to get the most bang for your buck from your week’s training.

Below are 5 key sessions I feel should be included in your week, regardless of the level you are competing at.


1) Threshold swim- An uncomfortable session but very important. Aim to swim at best consistent pace with short rest recoveries. Depending on your ability the length of rep and turn around times will differ.

Swim set examples could be: 30-40*50 with 15-20sec rest // 15-25*100 with 15sec rest // 10*200 with 10sec rest // 4-6*400 with 20-30sec rest

– building the number of reps and eventually reducing the rest interval as your fitness and endurance improves.


2) Long Run-   Simple yet effective. This should be a time on your feet session building your aerobic endurance. Don’t get caught into the trap of running too fast as this will take away from other sessions in the week. Duration could range from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours.


3) Race specific bike set- Depending on what event you are training for the session will differ. But aim for around 30-60 minutes of specific hard work broken into different length of reps. This can be done on the turbo, or outside or even with a local chaingang group.

Example sessions- 4×10 minutes @ race pace effort or equivalent power/HR, 5 minutes recovery. Local chaingang/APR of around 40-60 minutes (ideal if training for age group drafting racing)


4) Long Bike– This session is important for building aerobic endurance and strength. Duration could range from 90 minutes to 4 hours. Ride with a local group from time to time to mix it up.


5) Run hill reps– A real bang for your buck session. A great way to work on speed/power and technique on a local short/steep hill.

Example session- 6×15 seconds hill rep with 15 second run off on flat ground at the end of the hill then jog back down. 5 minute easy jog then repeat set. Really focus on a good knee drive on the hill.