Longer or Faster - what motivates you?

What do you get more satisfaction from or what are you more impressed by- Going longer/further or going shorter but faster?

It seems to me that within the endurance population the current trend is to go long distances, sometimes really long within 1 day or a multi day trip. Take the longest weekend in June, and it seemed to be if you were not cracking out a 300k ride it wasn’t worth heading out!

Take strava, and I can pretty much guarantee you will gain more ‘kudos’ or attract more attention if you do a big ride or run over doing a short session but with some really impressive hard efforts for example.

Why do you think that is? Possibly on paper it looks more impressive, you have covered a long way and endured many hours on the road. I will put myself in that category but I can also appreciate someone who does a very impressive hard effort or segment.

I think it also comes down to the fact most people can relate more to doing longer distances and may be inspired to do that themselves, whereas not everyone can or wants to go super hard. Everyone can go long distances, it might just take them longer. I suppose it is part of the natural ageing process too. Myself personally, I tend to lean more towards the big days chasing K’s but also using it as a way to explore new roads and more of the country. But I do still go for the odd hard hill effort to keep things interesting!

But what about those who combine both? There have been some really impressive endurance feats recently that have been done in record time. Such as Gary Macdonald breaking the record for riding the West Highland Way in 9hrs 28 minutes! and also Carla Molinaro who just broke the record for running from Lands End to John O’Groats, averaging 75 miles for 11 days!

However, it all comes down to what motivates you to get out and stay healthy in the outdoors and fresh air.