Off-season racing- Cyclocross Top Tips

The Triathlon season may be finished but it doesn’t mean you have to stop racing over the winter months. Cyclocross is an ever growing sport and a great way to improve your bike handling skills and get in a hard session whilst having fun. The first race of the new season starts tomorrow at Callendar Park in Falkirk.


My top tips to get round that little bit quicker-


  • Tyre Pressure- This is critical and depends on the weather on the day. I recommend around 35-40psi. Sometimes even less.


  • Gearing– Know the course and be in the correct gear at the right time. Make sure you have momentum to get through any boggy section or short steep hill.


  • Stay relaxed– It is important to keep nice and relaxed on the bike and get your centre of gravity and chest low


  • Don’t be stubborn– Sometimes it is quicker to run with your bike on certain sections.