Q&A with the team behind New Triathlon: Blair Cartmell


1) Who inspired you to get into the sport of Triathlon?

Probably my brother Fraser. I saw him doing something different and I fancied giving it a go too.

2) What was your first Triathlon & how did you get on?

A local novice race just outside Aberdeen in 2000. Completed on a classic Peugeot racer with the gears on the down tube! I won the race.

3) What was your most memorable race?

A French Grand Prix race in 2007 on the West coast. The swim was in the sea and the conditions were horrific. I had never swam in big waves before but luckily Fraser was also racing, and he found me on the start line and told me how best to swim through the breakers! Otherwise I might still be out there!

4) Who inspired you to get into coaching?

Probably Darren Smith. When he was our National coach he sowed the seed one day when having a conversation. It always stayed in the back of my mind.

5) Your most memorable coaching experience?

2014 Commonwealth Games. The atmosphere of the home crowd support was just unbelievable.

6) Proudest moment as a coach?

2013 World Junior Championships in London. Marc Austin & Grant Sheldon finishing 2nd & 3rd. Seeing 2 athletes you have helped developed since they were 16 perform & execute at the highest level was just fantastic.

7) Favourite camp location?

Aguilas, Southern Spain. It is perfect for escaping the UK winter.

8) Favourite race location?

Auckland WTS. It is sadly no longer on the circuit, however it was a fantastic, honest course for the athletes in a stunning location.

9) Most impressive session you have ever seen by an athlete?

A session I gave Marc Austin on a training camp in Aguilas January 2013. A challenge was set to see how fast he could swim 5000m. 58 minutes later and an average of 69 seconds per 100 he completed it. That got a lot of respect.

10) Best advice you could give?

Keep things simple
Consistency is key
Listen to your body