Race reflections- 10 simple tips to help you

The triathlon season is well under way and if you haven’t raced already then you will most likely be racing soon. Most athletes will have a variety of races they will be competing in throughout the season and these will vary in how important they are.

Regardless how important the race is it is important to take time to reflect on it afterwards. Have a read through these simple tips and try them out after your next race.


1) Don’t be rash in your post race assessment- Race reflections are best done the day after.

2) Know how important the race is- This makes a big difference to how you should reflect on the race

3) Be honest- Don’t make excuses. Races are the most honest way of getting feedback.

4) If you exceeded expectations- Do you know why?

5) What can you learn from the race and take back to your training to improve your performance?

6) Was there anything leading up to the race that affected you?

7) Were you as prepared and relaxed in and around the race venue as you needed to be?

8) Don’t always focus on the end result. Did you produce what you were capable of? You can’t control what others do.

9) Ask those you trust for constructive feedback. Whether that is your coach or fellow club mates who were at the race.

10)There are always other races!