Top 3 Tips for starting out in Triathlon

Triathlon can sometimes be seen as a daunting sport to get into. Outlined below are 3 simple tips to keep you on the right track which will hopefully see you start a long and happy journey in Triathlon.


You don’t need fancy equipment!

As a sport with 3 disciplines, Triathlon can get expensive and there is always the temptation to go and get the latest gadget, or top of the range bike that your mates have got. If you are starting out however, then keep it simple. You really don’t need fancy equipment to finish a race and enjoy it. Find out if this is the sport for you before investing.


Enter A Race

What are you waiting for? Pick a race and enter it. Having a goal of a race will make getting out the door for training that little bit more motivating. Make sure you speak to a coach or friends to make sure you pick the right race to start with. Make it challenging, but achievable.


Include the whole family

Feeling guilty that your new hobby is taking up too much time away from the family? A great way to include the whole family is combine your summer race within your summer holiday. There are some amazing race locations all over the world which also make great holiday locations. I know lots of families who have done this and had a brilliant time.