Top 5 tips before your first race

Whether you are getting ready for your first race or you haven’t toed a start line for a while then here is some advice that can help you prepare for the race and enjoy the day.


1) Be content with the training you have managed to complete- Don’t stress with what you haven’t done. There is nothing you can do about it now. You will be amazed at what you can do on race day even if you have missed some key sessions on the way. Stay positive and do your best.


2) Be Prepared & have a check list– We are all busy and things tend to get left to the last minute. But try and organise all your race kit in plenty time so you can relax the night before and certainly not panicking on race morning looking for your goggles or your race belt. Also, referring back to one of our previous posts on rookie mistakes, try and give your bike a service in the lead up to the race. At least give it a clean!


3) Read pre-race information- Make sure you take the time to read any pre-race information that is either sent out by the organiser or on their race website. This can save a lot of hassle on race morning and will make you calmer on the day. If you can recce the bike course that is a bonus.


4) Bring your own track pump– I have been to many races and I see this all the time. Athletes running around at the last minute asking to borrow a track pump. Stress you don’t need before the start.


5) Stay calm & enjoy the race– You don’t race for it to be torture, you race because you want to push yourself and be the best you can be on the day. Just don’t forgot to smile and enjoy the experience.


Good luck if you are racing this weekend!