Triathlon transitions - common myths

You spend a lot of time training to become fitter and faster. A lot of time can be saved for no extra fitness required. Just a little practice and confidence. Below are some myths that many athletes might believe-

Only Pro’s can have their shoes on their bikes and do running flying mounts. 

Answer- Absolutely not. Anyone can do this and is such an easy way to gain time and make yourself look like a pro! You just you need to be taught and then practice. This video clip I took has some good and not so good examples!

Tip– Put elastic bands on your shoes and attach them to the front derailleur/rear skewer to keep them horizontal so when you jump on your bike your shoes stay still and not flip round in circles.

You are never allowed to wear your number belt under your wetsuit. 

Answer- Most races will allow you to do this. Just double check at race briefing. If you are then go for it. One less thing to worry about when you get to your bike.

Tip- Make sure your number belt is just above your waist so that when you take your wetsuit off it shouldn’t come off too.